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Different Types of Wall Lights – A Complete Guide

Wall lights come in different shapes, sizes and styles, but they all have one thing in common: the ability to create ambience and illuminate a room to stunning effect. Some wall lights are even bright enough to act as your main source of light; especially atmospheric on cold, dark winter evenings or when hosting an intimate dinner party.
Whether you’re a home or business owner, if you’re confused about the options available, read on. This blog is your complete guide to different types of wall lights on the market, and how to use them to maximum effect.


Traditional Wall Lights

If your preference is for traditional interiors, wall lights can add a touch of timeless design to a room. Traditional wall lights not only provide decorative detail, but also create a sense of ambience with varying levels of light, depending on the bulbs used.
Stylish Tiffany lamps are perfect for that early nineteenth century sophistication. For example, the Premier Lighting Louise Black Double Wall Light contributes understated gothic glamour with its crystal pendants and antique feel. Traditional wall lights are particularly well suited to a living room or hallway, providing a softer glow in comparison to main ceiling lights.

traditional wall light


Uplighter Wall Lights

Uplighters send light shining upwards along the wall and gleaming across the ceiling. Uplighter wall lights are fitted flush to the wall, and are usually ceramic – allowing you to leave the surface bare or paint it in keeping with your existing room colour. Fitted with a dimmer switch, uplighters can add a gentle glow to a room, perfect for evenings in front of the television or curled up on the sofa reading a good book. This wall light type is simple in design; taking a step back to make sure that the light itself is centre stage.


Glass Wall Lights

For rooms with low ceilings or cubby holes and alcoves, glass wall lights provide a clean, sparkling and contemporary way of increasing light levels. They can even prove a statement art piece; an example being our Muro Green Glass Wall Light which adds a geometric design element to a room. Clear glass can also be used to throw light as far and wide as possible – perfect for rooms with low levels of natural light.

glass wall light

Modern Wall Lights

Wall lights can transform your room from run of the mill, to uber-modern. Glass, chrome and antique brass are all used to striking effect in modern wall lights; showcased perfectly by the Premier Lighting Alamas Polished Chrome Wall Light. The Alamas is a modern single wall light with a high-shine finish – adding a pop of contemporary design to the room while fulfilling its practical function.

modern wall light

To get a true feel for the different types of wall lights available for both residential and commercial environments, please browse our extensive collection.


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