How to clean Crystal Chandelier Lights

Having a Crystal Light or Chandelier in your home can be very enjoyable but maintaining that glistening sparkle can be difficult.  We have put together this guide to offer advice on maintaining your brand new investment or rejuvenating and old inherited crystal light /chandelier



How often to clean?

As often as possible will make the difference here.  Usually a light dusting will prevent the crystals becoming covered in a thick layer of dust.  When this happens it becomes more labour some, but not impossible to return the crystals to their original sparkle.  This will become more apparent when you are unable to see the full spectrum of colours that normally glisten from the crystal decoration.

If you keep on top of dusting your crystal light fitting then it will only require a full clean once or twice a year at the very most.  Use cotton gloves to clean the crystal droplets at even the cleanest hands could leave streaky marks on your crystal droplets.  If you don’t have any cotton gloves then a lint free cloth is the next best thing.


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Crystal Cleaner Spray

For safety reasons make sure that the chandelier is switched off at the mains.  Complete a thorough dust and rub down before using the crystal cleaner solution.

Take out the bulbs and fill the light socketa with a cloth to protect the socket from liquid.  If your chandelier is above a carpet or porous floor it would be advisable to place a towel directly underneath the fitting to catch and surplus cleaning solution.

Spray each droplet with a Crystal chandelier cleaner and leave for a few minutes.  Now dry each crystal with a lint free cloth.  Not only will this remove stubborn dust and residue, the crystal cleaner will leave each crystal droplet with a sheen that will repel dust, making it easy to clean in future.


Complete Removal of Fitting

After years of neglect this will likely be your only option to restore your chandelier back to its former glory.  It will face a daunting task but will be well worth the effort once completed.

Make sure the light fitting is turned off at the mains electrical point.  If you are unsure how to remove the fitting from the ceiling you may need to seek professional advice from an electrician.  Whatever you do, please don’t remove your chandelier like these likely lads.



Once removed from the ceiling, photograph the fitting so that you know the correct location of each crystal droplet.

Now remove each droplet and place into a bowl of warm water with a little bit of detergent.  Soak for a few minutes to loosen the solid dirt.  Making sure each droplet is clean then dry using a lint free cloth.

Once all the droplets are clean, build the chandelier back to it’s original state.  Please note, it may be easier to fix the chandelier to the ceiling and then re-attach the droplets while the fitting is hanging.  Now sit back and reap the rewards of your hard work.

Please contact us if you require any further advice.

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