Bathroom Lighting Zones

Choosing bathroom lighting is hard enough but there are strict regulations that need to be adhered to as well.  Lighting used outdoors and indoors when exposed to water must meet certain IP ratings.

Bathroom Lights – Why do they have an IP rating?

Simple really, water and electricity don’t  mix well so safety regulations have been put into place to measure how certain lights fittings cope in wet and damp conditions.  To make this easier to understand, bathrooms have been split into different zones.  Each zone must have a light that meets the recommended IP rating.

 bathroom wall light single bathroom-ceiling-light bathroom double wall light

What does IP rating mean?

IP rating – Ingress Protection rating is a measurement of how much protection a light fitting has against water entering the unit.  There are many different IP ratings, the higher the IP number, the more protection the unit has.


IP Ratings

IP ratings normally come with two digits.  The first number relates to the protection the unit has from solid materials.  The second corresponds to the protection the unit has to water or steam entering the fitting.  The highest IP rated unit you can buy will come with the IP rating of IP69 which is dust and water tight.


Bathroom Lighting Zones

Here we have a diagram showing us the locations of the different bathroom lighting zones.

bathroom lighting zones

Zone 0

Inside the bath or shower cubicle. This has a minimum IP rating of IPx7 where a unit can be submerged up-to one meter.  Anything more than One meter requires a higher IP rating.

Zone 1

The area directly above the bath or shower up to a height of 2.25 metres. Requires a minimum IP rating of IPx4.

Zone 2

This is the area next to ZONE 1. This is 0.6 meters wide covering the area next to ZONE 1, all around ZONE 1 and also the area above the 2.25 meters high directly above the bath or shower cubicle. A minimum rating of IPx3 should be used here.  However, if the are is cleaned by high powered jets it is recommended to use at least an IP rated IPx5.

double bathroom wall light bathroom ceiling light bathroom wall light

Remember that for Bathroom lighting, you only need to focus on the second digit.  The first number is the protection from solid materials.

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