A Guide To Vanity Lights

We’ve all tried to get ready in front of a mirror that has suffered from poor lighting, a frustrating act we all know. So what makes a good area for getting ready? Is it the mirror? or is it the illumination of the mirror?

vanity light


Vanity Lighting – What are we trying to achieve?

The main purpose of vanity lighting is to illuminate the person in front of the mirror with direct light and also have some simple light shining from behind the person stood in front of the mirror. The obvious solution is to have as much light as possible directed at the mirror but sometimes this can have a negative effect casting awkward shadows whilst looking into the mirror.


The Perfect Vanity Lighting Setup

The perfect lighting setup would include a light above the mirror, two wall lights either side and some form of illumination coming from above/behind focusing on the sink.  The result is a perfectly illuminated area that provides direct task light and adequate lighting from behind to eradicate awkward shadows.

  bathroom lighting

Illuminated Bathroom Mirrors.

Illuminated bathroom mirrors are a great way to have definite illumination of a bathroom mirror. They come with a series of small LED lights that surround the mirrors edge. It isn’t an ideal solution to light up the entire bathroom but provides great task lighting for shaving or applying make-up. These types of units often come as a storage cabinet and also the added bonus of a low voltage socket to power shavers or electric toothbrushes.

illuminated mirror

Premier Lighting have a wide choice of bathroom lighting, from wall lights, ceiling lights and illuminated cabinets all with the necessary IP ratings.  For more information on bathroom lighting zones, read our detailed blog article or contact us for more information.

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