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A Guide to Table Lamps

A table lamp can be a great addition to any room.  Not only do they provide a valuable lighting source for practical needs, they can also be an attractive focal point to complement the decoration of any room.

Having a table lamp can give you different lighting choices in your living space.   Choosing not to use your wall lights or ceiling lights and only using a table lamp can create a warming ambient light, perfect for snuggling-up in front of the TV or to absorb yourself into a good book.

Desk lamps are a great example of the practical use of lamps.  Desk lamps allow you to illuminate a working area in a room that is subtly lit.  Another good use for a lamp is to illuminate and draw attention to ornaments or a collection of cherished photographs.

Lamps in the bedroom are very common these days.  They prevent you from getting into bed in total darkness.  Also ideal for bedtime reading when you don’t want to keep your other-half up.


Modern Table Lamps

Modern table lamps are usually more about style than substance.  Not just a practical lighting source a modern table light has to carry the decorative theme and colour scheme through the room.



Traditional Table Lamps

Traditional table lamps can add elegance to your living space.  With simple designs that add subtle practicality rather than design affluence.

 table lamp table lamp traditional table lamp traditional table lamp


Tiffany Table Lamps

Tiffany lamps are unique colourful stained glass shades that complement any interior decoration.  Tiffany also of they table lamps in ranges giving you the option to match the table lamp with a floor lamp, wall light and ceiling light.

Tiffany Darkstar table lamp Tiffany Dragonfly Tiffany Dark Star Lamp Country Border Tiffany Lamp


Novelty Lamps

Novelty tables can be a great design statement – Who wouldn’t want one of these in their man cave?

novelty table lamp novelty table lamp novelty table lamp novelty table lamp novelty table lamp

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