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Personalise Your Lamp Shade By Adding Your Own Image, Text Or Both To A Drum Shade.

Click On Image For Larger View
Click On Image For Larger View

Email us your own images, text or both to print on to a drum lamp shade. The images need to be of high quality (at least 1024 x 768 pix). The examples above are 10 inch lamp shades, with pictures we took of our new Grandson (OLLY) and our puppy (VERNON). The picture doesn't have to be one you took yourself, you can send us any picture, for example a desktop wallpaper etc. We have lots of request`s from customers who would like a family picture or maybe a picture of their new baby and the D.O.B printed on to the lamp shade.

Once you have a purchased your lamp shade, please send your image or text or both to our email address mark it for the attention of Gary.

If you have any questions please contact us on 01204 412062 or 01204 412062 or the email address above.

*This lampshade is a drum / cylinder shape.*

Diameter Height
8 inch 8 inch
10 inch 8 inch
12 inch 8 inch
Diameter = 8 inch; Price = £27.99
Diameter = 10 inch; Price = £28.99
Diameter = 12 inch; Price = £29.99